PHP and MySQL Web Development is what Applelounge does and it is one of our core competencies, as we have award winning strategists and web developers working for us in our team. Applelounge specializes in LAMP technologies i.e., LAMP stands for:

The combination of all these technologies defines the complete infrastructure of a web server and programming paradigm of developing cutting edge software. PHP is what has made a revolution in server side scripting. It has been updated several times and currently the latest version is PHP 5, which includes support for, object-oriented programming, error handling via exceptions etc. MySQL is the most popular database for web applications and as it is open source, almost every developer working with web applications come across working with it. Its popularity is closely tied up with PHP which is often combined with MySQL.

Why do we use PHP & MySQL?
PHP on the other hand used with powerful Zend Engine offers free of cost development for several dynamic web pages which can virtually run on any Os platform.