Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing refers to Online marketing of products & services over the Internet. It is also referred to as eMarketing, iMarketing, web-marketing, digital search engine marketing or online marketing.

Internet Marketing campaign's 'interactivity' offers unique marketing benefits including lower costs for distribution of information over the Internet.

Internet Marketing blends together technology and creativity. Various SEO  and Internet Marketing aspects include SEO enabled Website Design, Website Development, organic results on search engines, Pay Per Click, Online Media Buying of advertisements as well as sales.

Internet Marketing customized strategies assists clients in achieving target numbers through  Search Engine Marketing (SEM) , Search engine optimization (SEO), Banner Adverting, Email Marketing, Web 2.0 Design and Web Development.

Understanding Internet Marketing Campaign

An Internet Marketing campaign can be specific to the audience you want to target. Therefore, Internet Marketing can be specific to an individual user. Search Engines offer pay per click advertisement where you can pay for specific search engine keyword phrases and when typed in the search engines your site comes up as well. This is also termed as search engine marketing.

An Internet Marketing Campaign can have different dimensions. You can target the audience based on their specific interest, location, behavior, age group, gender and other general factors. These are important factors to be considered when creating a campaign as the more specific you can get, the better results you can expect.

 Various Analytics tools are available online that provide the facility to track the progress and success of your Internet Marketing Campaigns. For example, consider the case of a luxury brand 'A' owned by you, that is targeting a luxury segment audience. The primary message of your internet marketing campaign should clearly state you are luxury brand 'A',  and focused on the luxury segment.

Messaging is extremely important for a luxury brand such as the use of words Royal, Luxury, Premium and authentic. Now we focus on the name of the brand, which should be memorable. The Website Design, Logo Design of the luxury brand 'A', should reflect its ideology, target audience, and its uniqueness.

Integrating company strategy is extremely important such as backing from A-list celebrities and promotions. Adding offline marketing campaign and integrating with Internet Marketing strategy at the right time can be extremely useful. As Online reputation of the brand becomes an interesting aspect of your brand awareness. The result? Brand awareness helps people associate your brand with the product or service.

Advantages of Internet Marketing

Most SEO organizations will sell  you their services claiming that it will save you costs immidiately. However, this is the biggest myth of of Internet Marketing. In the beginning of SEO, it is essential to have a higher spend. Social networking sites, Blogging sites, Pay Per Clicks are used and paid off in order to establish a brand and attract huge traffic. The cost of advertising also spirals with traffic. Internet Marketing is growing and will continue to grow for next few years. Competition is fierce as the number of Online transactions increase exponentially every year.

Tracking and measuring the ROI is extremely easy with Internet Marketing tools. You can track the "Click through" rate, the Reference, the Action performed by the user, the number of sales and the pages that were viewed. With more and more Google tools available, tracking of customer behaviour has become easy.

Internet Marketing Offers huge accountability to advertisers. The Internet is affecting store sales as well with promo coupons downloaded from site. Buy One Get One Free offer on cinemas are available at most online ticketing websites.  Basically booking of services and purchases of products with discounts have seen a huge increase in the past few years. With more and more people referring to the Internet if they are getting a good deal.

Limitations of Internet Marketing

Every mode of Marketing has some disadvantages and limitations. Such as low speed, mobile devices experiencing delay in downloads, inability to try, smell or touch products.

But Internet Marketers are working on sending free samples, invite on exhibitions, call back service in case they were not able to buy online etc.

Future of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing has revolutionized different industries for example, the entertainment industry that includes radio, video, TV, interactive TV, movies, documentaries, video ads, radio ads etc has boomed because of Internet Marketing. The ease of advertising anywhere in the world has become easy and simple. You can be in Bali and advertise in New York by few clicks only. You can run election campaigns online and raise money through online donors. You can work, learn, enjoy entertainment and play online globally.